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You named your cats Chandler and Phoebe
You have had dreams where you're the seventh Friend.
You *seriously* consider naming your future daughter Emma.
You can tell within 10 seconds of the beginning of the episodes exactly which one it is - and you can instantly remember what will happen.
You can't go one day without a Friends reference.
You are forever writing scripts for a Friends movie and sending them in (even if you have received several thousand rejection letters)
Your favourite words are - Doi, Yuh-hu and Nu-uh
You only ever buy magazines because they have something to do with FRIENDS in them
You get your hair cut like Jennifer Aniston's (even if it looks terrible on you)
You are able to perfectly re-enact every episode line-by-line
You are always refering to real life incidents as 'The One With......'
You have made a soundtrack out of all of Phoebe's songs and you listen to it all day long
You've taped every episode of FRIENDS since the very first one, and watch the tapes continually
You refuse to drink any beverage (especially coffee/tea) if it isn't served in one of the cups like the ones they have at Central Perk
You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to Friends.


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